Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nut Brown Ale


Today marked two firsts; I brewed the first batch of 2010 today, an American Nut Brown Ale and this was the first time I've brewed outside.
I used a Brewers Best bold series kit to make what will be called "Buck Fever Brown".

  • 6.6 lb - Amber LME
  • 3.0 lb - Amber DME
  • 4 oz - Crystal malt
  • 4 oz - Chocolate malt
  • 1 oz - Black Patent malt
  • 1 oz - Willamette hops (bittering)
  • 1 oz - Willamette hops (flavoring)
  • 1 oz - Columbus hops (aroma)


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beer Gift

Make 'um work for that beer - the "Last Call" puzzle from Puzzle Mike's is a great gift for the beer lover on your list.
  I got this from my aunt and uncle for Christmas.  It is a little tricky to open, thankfully it comes with instructions.

Basement Brewery Progress

Gallery - Basement Brewery Progress

The basement is coming along nicely!  So far the following has been completed...
  • Point all stone walls
  • Dry-Loc walls
  • Add new lights
  • Beer Fridge!!!!
  • Storage Racks
  • Make room for all the little stuff needed in brewing
It has been a very rewarding task to build my own little slice of heaven right here in my house.  That being said, I'm not finished yet.  The to-do list is...
  • Hook up sink
  • Add more lights
  • Install hood vent
  • Get water filter system
The goal is to be able to complete the entire beer process down in the basement; boil to bottle.  I'm very luck in several regards. 1. The basement has a drain in the floor, so I can pretty much hose down the entire place if needed.  2. The 'Ol ball and chain is totally cool it, in fact she's glad when I brew, because it means I leave the kitchen, not only spotless, but also sanitized.  3. It hasn't cost much at all.  At least not much more than my time.  All told I've got about $250.00 into the whole deal.  The beer fridge was free, the sink was less than $100.00, Dry-Loc isn't that expensive and cement is dirt cheap.

Check out the progress.  This gallery starts with the day we first saw the house and shows the steps towards brewing nirvana.  Enjoy.

Gallery - Basement Brewery Progress